Kutani Silver Blue


Kutani Silver Blue has delicate metallic silver deco with refreshing light blue graduation. It is simple but beautiful. Please choose Guinomi or Sake Glass. This product will take about two weeks for delivery.

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Kutani Silver has delicate metallic silver deco with refreshing light blue graduation.  It is simple but beautiful. This product will take about two weeks for delivery. The Kutani is picture porcelain produced in the Kaga district of Southern Ishikawa prefecture. The origin was said to be about 1655 and it was strongly influenced by a sense of beauty of splendid Kaga Hyakumangoku culture and developed. It features the solid, gorgeous color that added gold to a Kutani five colors (red, blue, yellow, purple, Berlin blue). The traditional style such as Kokutani, Mokubei, and the Yoshida style are probably most famous. A petal-like flamed rim of Kaburaki Sake Cup draws sake to the front of the tongue to perceive taste, then delivers it to the both side of tongue to enjoy refreshing acidity without the sense of heaviness. Kaburaki Sake Cup brings out richer taste of sake. Savour the mellowness of Junmai and Yamahai/Kimoto. You can choose your favourite pattern out of those traditional selection of Kaburaki Sake Cup available here.

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WEIGHT : Cup: 70g Glass: 200g

VOLUME : Cup: 80ml Glass: 350ml

DIMENSIONS : Cup: D7.1*H3.8 Glass: D4.2*H16.9

  • Please avoid rough handling of the product as it may cause a crack.
  • Please do not pour very hot liquid i.e boiling water as it may cause a crack on the product.
  • It is best to avoid the dish washer and microwave.
  • Please avoid direct flame. Please avoid using stiff brushes or scouring pads as they may scratch / damage the surface.