House of Sake on FT How to Spend it

February 18, 2018 Media

Now available to read online “How sake seduced the fine wine and dining scenes” by Financial Times How to Spend it, where House of Sake was mentioned within.   It reads as: “An exquisite selection of sake ware is also available from House of Sake. The website’s curator, Honami Matsumoto, often runs sake masterclasses at…

Podcast “Sake with Honami Matsumoto” by ODDROP

February 18, 2018 Education, Media

House of Sake’s founder Honami had a pleasure talking about Sake with Co-Founder of ODDROP, Lucy Stevenson the other day.  It is very good starting point for sake beginners.  I hope you enjoy listening! Kampai!

Keigetsu Sake Dinner at Sake no Hana London

January 20, 2018 Events

  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”20″]   House of Sake’s client Keigetsu by Tosa Brewery has hosted a successful sake dinner with Sake No Hana, one of the best Japanese restaurants in London on the 17th January 2018 from 18:30.   Mr. Muneki Matsumoto of Tosa Brewery was there to introduce 4 sake of Keigetsu…

2017 World Sake Day Instore Tasting at Hedonism Wines

October 21, 2017 Events

Do you know what day is the 1st of October?  It is World Sake Day to celebrate the beginning of an official new sake brewing season.  It is just like a new year’s day for sake industry.     Since 2016, House of Sake has been a curator of World Sake Day Instore Tasting at…

Benihana Chelsea Wagyu and Sake Teppanyaki Dinner on the 21st September 2017

September 9, 2017 Events

Keigetsu Teppanyaki Dinner with Wagyu Master Toshio Suzuki of Benihana London on 21th September.   8 course Japanese Wagyu dinner with Sake and world famous Teppan chef performance.   Mr. Muneki Matsumoto from Tosa brewery will be joining Wagyu Master Toshio Suzuki at this exciting sake pairing event.   This fun and delicious…