PXPlus Festival Press Release

June 30, 2018 Events

The first ever festival for people who are in hospitality industry PXPlus Festival Press Release was held in Two Tribes Brewery in Islington on the 26th June 2018. PXPlus Festival is where you: EAT, DRINK, TALK, DANCE, SHARE, PARTY, LEARN AND CELEBRATE WITH THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY PX+ FESTIVAL IS A WEEKEND LONG EVENT FOR THE…

“Discover Kochi” Sake Event at Hedonism Wines

June 20, 2018 Events, Sake appreciation

Honami from House of Sake and Yukiko from Tosatsuru Brewery hosted “Discover Kochi” Sake Event at Hedonism Wines on the 19th June 2018.   We have introduced 20+attendees Kochi culture of Food and Drink, tourist attractions, along with    Tosatsuru Tenpyo Daiginjo Tosatsuru Azure Ginjo Tosatsuru Deep Sea Water Junmai Keigetsu Junmai Daiginjo Gin-no-Yume 45…

Keigetsu at Taste of London

June 15, 2018 Events, Uncategorised

House of Sake’s client Keigetsu by Tosa Brewing Company Ltd has shown Keigetsu Sparkling Sake John in Sake House set by JFOODO at Taste of London on the 14th of June 2018.   Taste of London is one of the biggest drink and food event showcasing restaurants and drink brands from London.    Many visitors…

Visit to Tosa Brewing Co. Ltd

May 20, 2018 Sake Brewery Visit

Honami of House of Sake has visited Tosa Brewing Company Ltd with Jennifer Docherty.   Tosa Brewing Company Ltd was founded 1877 in Northern mountainous area called “Tosa Reihoku” in Kochi prefecture in Japan.   For 140 years, Tosa Brewery has been producing high quality sake.  It is based in very tranquil Tosa-gun, Tosa-cho in…

IWC Yamagata 2018

May 20, 2018 Events

Honami from House of Sake was a Sake Panel Chair (Senior Judge) at IWC Yamagata 2018. Here are some photos from the long, full-on sake judging event in Tendo, Yamagata.